Boskone Schedule

Your Final Schedule for Boskone 55

Creature Creations
Format: Children – DragonsLair
16 Feb 2018, Friday 20:00 – 21:00, Galleria – DragonsLair (Westin)
Author and artist Christopher Paniccia works with kids to help them create their own amazing creatures.
Christopher Paniccia

The Art of Character Portraits
Format: Panel
17 Feb 2018, Saturday 11:00 – 12:00, Marina 1 (Westin)
Portraits are difficult to master. The artist must capture the glint in the eye, the tilt of the neck, shadow and light, color and texture, and everything around the subject. Plus, in the speculative art world, not all portraits are of people. How do you portray a fantastic creature when there are no models?
Marianne Plumridge, Jonathan Hunt, Vincent Di Fate (M), Christopher Paniccia

Detectives in Urban Fantasy
Format: Panel
17 Feb 2018, Saturday 12:00 – 13:00, Marina 1 (Westin)
Let’s inspect the hard-boiled detectives of Fantasy Town: sorcerous sherlocks, PI wizards for hire, half-dead/half-sidhe gumshoes, and more. How do these eldritch investigators compare to their non-magical peers? To each other? Does magic spoil a reader’s chance of solving the mystery fair and square — or is it just another clue to be sussed out?
Leigh Perry, Ginjer Buchanan, Brendan DuBois, Christopher Paniccia (M), Dana Cameron

Boskone Book Party
Format: Event
17 Feb 2018, Saturday 18:30 – 19:30, Galleria – Stage (Westin)
Come join the fun at Boskone 55’s Book Party — and meet the presses and authors who have new books coming out at the con! This is your chance to see what’s new from writers you already love, as well as those you have yet to discover.
Erin Underwood (M), Nat Segaloff, Les Johnson, James Patrick Kelly, E. C. Ambrose, Jane Yolen, Robert V.S. Redick, Christopher Paniccia, Kenneth Rogers Jr., Walter H. Hunt, Adam Stemple, Kristy Acevedo, Christopher Irvin, Rob Greene
You are welcome to bring books, gifts, and swag to give away for free. You are also welcome to sell items, but please make sure that you have given the proper sales tax documentation to Program. Again, if you are planning to sell anything during the Book Party, please be sure to either have sales go through a dealer in the Dealer’s Room or send your Massachusetts Sales Tax ID to

Autographing: Auston Habershaw, Christopher Paniccia, Max Gladstone
Format: Autographing
18 Feb 2018, Sunday 13:00 – 14:00, Galleria – Autographing (Westin)
Christopher Paniccia, Auston Habershaw, Max Gladstone

Field Medicine in a Fantasy World
Format: Panel
18 Feb 2018, Sunday 14:00 – 15:00, Harbor III (Westin)
After fighting orcs or falling into a ravine, you can come out with more than cuts and bruises. Yet without modern medicine, our fantasy heroes are often left to their own devices to stitch themselves back together. What tips and tricks should they know? What nearby items — plants, herbs, spyderwebs — might be helpful? But also: why isn’t there tons more toothache, child mortality, and gangrene in Fantasielande?

James D. Macdonald, LJ Cohen (M), Kristin Janz, Kevin McLaughlin, Christopher Paniccia