Interview, Part Two

Interview with Author of the Gridiron Conspiracy, Christopher Paniccia
You really have an impressive background. You are an Author, Artist, College Professor, and Veteran. Can you tell me about your background?
– I have been a Teacher for over 20 years at Bridgewater University. I help prepare teachers in art and elementary school, before they go in the classroom. I have also taught drawing and painting at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston (MFA).
When you are writing, do you think about your audience?
– “Yes,” I want to give them a reason to keep reading my story. “As an Author, I develop characters that make you feel part of the story.” Chris in the Gridiron Conspiracy is a complex character. Most people see him as a dumb jock, but he is humble individual and a terrific leader. He strives to make others around him better. He will do whatever is necessary to see others succeed.

Eventually, however the team becomes a victim of its own success. A team becomes successful and lures good players and then they become free agents. The good teams are eventually picked apart and will lose its success eventually.

Tell me about your military career and how it has impacted your life. Does it translate into your writing?
– My military background has had a great deal to do with my writing. I was a Medic working as a Para Rescue man. I spent my time helping others. “Never leave a fallen man behind.” The same goes in football. I wanted Chris in my story to be as genuine and relatable to the human condition. Chris never leaves anyone on his team behind. He lifts them up.
As a result of my military career, I’ve come face-to-face with new technologies. For example, cloning animal technology, before it was made public. It was considered science-fiction; futuristic. My story is about the same struggles face with a science-fiction twist. Chris in the Gridiron Conspiracy experiences head trauma, CTE which happens to most athletes during their career. I added twists and turns to make the story more of a mystery thriller.